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Winter Track League

Our 2017-2018 Winter Track League sees a return to our format of weekly racing on TUESDAY and fortnightly racing on THURSDAY. Racing will be from 7pm to 10pm.  Sign-on opens at 5.30pm and closes 6.40pm.


Registration for the current season is now CLOSED.


The league structure has also been simplified, with riders only needing to register ONCE, regardless of which dates they intend to ride, as these are no longer treated as separate competitions.


2017-2018 Leagues

A Group (male)

B Group (male)

C Group (male)



Tuesday Nights (weekly)

A, B, C 


Thursday Nights (fortnightly)

B, C, Women* 


*Female riders will receive priority on all pre-entries.  However, if we have fewer than 18 pre-entries (65% of the full field size) at the time entries close, spaces will be made available on the day to any overspill from the C Group (although they will NOT be eligible for league points).  C Group riders may ONLY use those spaces if their own group is full.


Due to the low attendance last year, there won't be an Over 50s league this time around.


Entries will open one month in advance and will close on the SUNDAY night before the race (earlier if a group is full).  They will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. 


A typical evening's programme features Points, Scratch and Elimination races.  We are not able to include timed or team events during these sessions


Membership is open to Junior and Senior fully accredited riders (over 16 years of age).

For riders under 16 years of age there is a separate Youth League.

Track League Dates

Track League Dates.pdf
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Track League Groups

If you're unsure which group you have been allocated to, please check here.  This list will be updated regularly.

2018 Track League Members.pdf
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Membership and Licencing


Silver or Gold British Cycling Membership is required and riders must have a FULL RACING LICENCE, valid for the current year.  We do not accept Provisional or Day Licences.

Racing licences need to include your signature and emergency contact details on the back. 

Track League Compulsory Requirements


For all open and league events, fully completed Indoor Track Accreditation (for Newport, Glasgow, Derby, Manchester or Lee Valley) is required and this should be listed on your racing licence.  Riders competing in national squad or professional trade teams may be accepted by exception.   Previous track racing experience is essential.


The use of Hire Bikes (or unauthorised use of ANY equipment belonging to the venue) is NOT PERMITTED in our Road or Track events.

Pre-requisites for New Riders


In addition to successfully completing a full, Indoor Track Accreditation, anyone intending to ride in the track league for the first time is required to have developed their experience/skills sufficiently for racing at speed in a bunch (e.g., via track race training/SQTs).  Track Accreditation in isolation is NOT sufficient for race preparation.  New riders are welcome to come and spectate if they want to get a clearer idea of what is involved.

Track Bike and Clothing Specifications


Full track bike and clothing specifications (including guidelines for use of on-board computers) are available on our USEFUL INFORMATION page.

Getting Into Track Cycling


Further information on Track Cycling can be found on the Track Cycling page of the British Cycling website.

Code of Conduct 2017-2018.pdf
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Riders' Manual
Track League Event Manual 2018 v1.pdf
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General Terms & Conditions

Before entering any races please ensure that you have read and understood ALL of the event information.


All venue Terms & Conditions (including car parking) must be adhered to at all times.


Our events are run under British Cycling Technical Regulations and overseen by a team of British Cycling commissaires. 


Riders compete at their own risk.  These are competitive events ridden at high speed and are not suitable for beginners.  We expect our riders to have some previous experience in the relevant discipline prior to entering – either from other races or through race-specific skills training sessions.  


All equipment – including clothing – must be fully compliant and riders are solely responsible for the condition and set-up of their bikes and all associated items.  Use of hire bikes is NOT permitted.


Use of on-board video or photographic recording equipment of any kind is prohibited during competitive events.  There are no exceptions to this.


Lee Valley VeloPark, Abercrombie Road, Queen Elizabeth Park, London E20 3AB.

Tel:  0845 677 0600

For details of football matches taking place at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium (which may affect your journey) please visit the West Ham United website West Ham Fixtures.

Parking Tariffs
Car Parking.pdf
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