Track League Inductions

For the 2017-2018 season, we are running full induction sessions for any riders participating for the first time in a track league or with no previous competitive track racing experience.


Attendance is compulsory for everyone this applies to and riders will be required to pre-book their spaces.


Inductions will be run under full racing conditions and will include;

  • Sign-on & bike checks
  • Points Race
  • Elimination/Win-Out
  • Scratch Race


Riders who have successfully passed all stages of the accreditation process are strongly advised to complete some training sessions/SQTs to build their experience and confidence BEFORE their induction.


Experienced riders will be on-hand to give feedback and advice if needed.


Track League Applications will be provisionally accepted upon completion of ONE of these sessions but riders are welcome to ride more than one if they wish.

Track League Inductions will take place on Wednesday evenings in October, from 8pm -10pm.  Dates TBC.

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