Track League FAQs

How will I know which group I'm in?

Your track league group will be determined based on your previous experience.  If you are riding with us for the first time please wait until your group has been confirmed before entering any races.


  • The A group is the fastest and most advanced and is limited to elite track riders.
  • Group B is our intermediate group for riders with previous experience and a more advanced level of fitness.
  • Group C is a slightly slower group for riders who don't yet have the fitness or experience to compete in the B group.

It is important to emphasise that these are COMPETITIVE events and are not suitable for beginners.   Previous race training and/or skills training is essential.  You'll be riding at high speed over distances between 5-15km in a bunch of 28 riders.

I have a 1st Category Racing Licence.  Will I automatically be put into the A group?

NO!  Ranking points gained on the road don't translate to the track.  If your TRACK RACING experience is limited you will start in group B or C, regardless of your ability on the road.

What happens if I am too fast/slow for the group I'm in?

Riders who consistently perform well in their group will be promoted to a faster one and this is always discussed and agreed in advance.  If you're struggling to keep up we will move you to a group which suits you better.  The safety of the other riders in each group is always taken into account before any changes are made.  Riders will NOT be allowed to compete in a group that is too advanced for them.

I'm Over 50, do I have to ride in that group?

No.  We've introduced an over 50s group for riders who WANT to compete in older field and might struggle with the pace of group C.  If you want to compete in Group C on a Tuesday and the over 50s group on a Wednesday you can register for both.

What do I do about car parking?

Details of the current parking tariffs are attached below.  There is also now a 6 or 12 month Season Ticket scheme for riders who are likely to be using the venue multiple times each week.  Season Ticket holders will be entitled to unlimited parking during venue opening hours.

Parking Tariffs

Car parking tariffs have been introduced at Lee Valley VeloPark to ensure the main users of the car park are actual cycling customers to the venue opposed to those who may be visiting Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for other purposes (including football matches).

Four hours free of charge (Terms & Conditions apply)

Lee Valley VeloPark cycling customers are entitled to up to four hours free car parking (beginning when you enter the car park).  For stays of over four hours, a fee of £4 per hour is applicable, for a maximum of 2 hours.  Vehicles left in the car park for more than 6 hours will be served with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Extended Parking (exclusive to Full Gas Track League Members)

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Track League Riders (who appear on the start sheet for that night) can purchase extended parking for £2.  Extended parking can only be paid for at the dedicated Track League terminal located alongside rider sign-on (between 5.30pm – 6.40pm) and riders must bring the correct money as change cannot be given.  Riders are fully responsible for inputting their own registration details at the Track League terminal.  IMPORTANT:  you cannot register for free parking (4 hours) AND extended parking on the same date.  Please do not input your registration details into more than one terminal.  

Season Tickets

For anyone using the venue multiple times each week, there is now an option to purchase a 6 or 12 month parking permit.  This is available to Lee Valley VeloPark members ONLY and terms & conditions apply.  An application form is attached at the bottom of the page.  The permit is valid FROM THE DATE PAYMENT IS COLLECTED.  Permits can be paid for by cheque, in person or over the phone.  If you'd like to pay over the phone please request a call-back when you submit your completed form.  These permits allow unlimited parking (during venue opening hours) from Sunday to Monday, subject to availability.

  • 6 months = £290
  • 12 months = £490


How do I claim my four hours free parking?

It is your responsibility to enter your full vehicle registration details into the terminal correctly and note when your four hours free parking period expires.


The current locations of these terminals are:

  • Track centre counter
  • BMX/mountain bike tunnel area by external lockers
  • External tunnel exiting onto the road circuit plaza


Your four hours begins when you enter the car park (which has automatic number plate recognition in operation).  You can input your details at any point during your visit (i.e. entering the venue, during a session or when leaving the venue).  Please also ensure you follow the terms and conditions displayed within the car park.  If you wish to stay past four hours and up to six hours, you will need to pay the car parking tariffs for the additional two hours on expiry of the four hours.


How do I appeal if I have received a Penalty Charge Notice?

Please be aware that neither the venue staff or Full Gas Cycling staff are involved in the issuing of or the appeals process for any Penalty Charge Notice given. 


The car park is run by ParkingEye and in the event of a customer appealing their parking charge all appeals are dealt with directly by them. You would need to contact ParkingEye as per the details on their charge letter, which is via one of the following methods: in writing to ParkingEye, PO Box 575, Chorley, PR6 6HT or via the online appeals form at


Please note that neither Lee Valley or Full Gas Cycling profit in any way from the issuing of Penalty Charge Notices and we will support an appeal if the customer has abided by and followed the car parking terms and conditions fully.

Season Ticket Application Form
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